Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spot check

today there was a suprise spot check. we were in the class then i saw teachers and pengawas walking pass our class and i was lyk li li spot check and we hide all our liquid paper and highlighter. the dustbin was behind us and we found some plastic and wrapped all of it. we put it under all the rubbish then left it there. some in our shoes too. doritis and nervilia kena. we were in the middle of their class and we didnt kena. when moral time we took it and put in ekhsan's bag coz we scared the malays will throw the rubbish. we went to moral class. we hide our comb and stuff coz they will rampas comb.. i noe lame rite? so we went to moral and still no spot check. ekhsan still keeping our stuff. recess came and still no spot check. after recess still dun have so li li take back from ekhsan and gave bac everything. during recess noelle told me that the teacher will molest ure back and touch ure bra strap and farhan told me that colour pen and red pen oso kena rampas so i went back to class and told everyone. cik syafa was in the class, we ask her to help us and she did. the whole class all put pen, stapler, red pen, liquid paper and also she keep mangga book into her handbag. her handbag was so fat and heavy. but in the end still got no spot check. so she take all our stuff and put in a big plastic bag and left it on her table. when last period me and xin yu went to her place to take the stuff and went bac to our class. we gave bac everything to the owners and i was left with 1 stabilo pen and 1 highlighter. pn rafeah ask the class but no 1 say tht its theirs so pn rafeah took the highighter and i took the stabilo pen. but she trade it to saaturvethen for a blue pen. maybe my class gonna have the spot check 2moro and i wont bring liquid paper and colour pen.